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Geological Consulting

Experience + Innovation

Experts working for your projects

Our consultants have a huge experience and worldwide recognizance in disciplines such as economic geology, geochemistry, mineral resources exploration, structural geology and environmental geology.

Geological consultancy services specific to cover all your project's needs, from mineral resources to environmental geology.



Mineral resources 

Definition of ore body type and mineralization styles; hidrothermal alteration characterization; geological-mineralization-structural model interpretation, 3D modelling, multi-spectral satellital imagery analysis, mineralization pathfinders delineation, advice in geochemical sampling planning specific for your project model, data interpretation, thin section description, fluid inclusions and electronic microscopy.


Structural geology

Tectonic interpretation, micro and macro structural interpretation; delimitation of weakness zones, brittle-ductil deformation; data interpretation.



Interpretation and analysis of trace elements; whole rock and isotopic geochemistry; rock, soil and stream sediment geochemistry interpretation; statistical and geo-statistical analysis of geochemical data bases; microscopical analysis; vectorization using stable isotopes; igneous rock characterization and magmatic origin interpretation.

Environmental geology: Dust and soil analysis, urban or rural; data interpretation; multi-spectral satellital imagery analysis; particulated matter microscopical analysis; antropogenic and geogenic impact in soils; vegetation stress detection associated to soil/air/water contamination.


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