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Updated expertise

Keep a trained and up to date staff in your Organization.

With professional training by experts on each discipline Geo Digital Imaging helps you to keep your staff updated with the best practices in the industry.

Private or public workshops and courses



  • General geology.

  • Mineral resources exploration and economic geology.

  • Structural geology.

  • Lithological, mineralization/alteration identification

      and mapping.


All workshops and courses are dictated by PhD degree instructors and experts on each discipline, with long and deep experience in academic and indusrty knowledge (visit About us page to know more about them).  All training have classroom theory and field practice.


  • ArcGIS  (digitization and advanced edition, data analysis and map creation).

  • MapINFO  (digitization and advanced edition, data analysis and map creation).

  • AutoCAD Map (digitization and advanced edition, thematic maps, GIS connection and map creation).

  • Geosoft, Target/Target for ArcGIS (drill hole data analysis , 3D models, resource estimation, sections construction).

  • Geosoft's Geophysical extensions (in electrical, magnetic or gravimetric methods).

  • Geosoft Geochemistry, Geochemistry for ArcGIS (Laboratory QA/QC, geochemical data analysis).

  • Excel for geological and geochemical data analysis (QA/QC, correlation, exploratory database analysis and data management).

  • GlobalMapper (analysis, digitization, edition, export and import, georeference of images and PDF files).

  • Surfer (data analysis, 2D interpolation, data integration, map production).


All courses are designed for different disciplines, assuring the participants an immediate application in their Organizations.

Geo Digital Imaging have private workshops, in classroom or on-line format created specificaly for your needs and project type. Using you own data or public data, all workshops have theorical and practical modules and are prepared and updated one by one in a trimestral basis to offer you updated and first level training.


We have public workshops programmed quarterly. See Home page to look for new upcoming events.


Contact us for more information about this and other workshops.

  • Geological and geochemical data interpretation.

  • Environmental / urban / risk geology.

  • Field mapping.

  • Geochemistry and sampling.

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