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Geophysical Consulting

Experience + Technology

State of the art Technology and experience working for your projects. A combination of expert Geophysicists in Exploration and state-of-the-art instrumentation guarantee reliable results to make underground information visible.

Expert Consulting Services in Geophysics for Exploration, water and contamination.

Induced Polarization and Resistivity

Chargeability and apparent resistivity studies for the definition of hidden geological structures and features. Delineation of mineralized structures (veins, filled structures, mineral deposit and precipitation zones), delineation of underground water reservoirs, 2 and 3D delineation of underground contamination plumes.

High-resolution terrestrial and aerial Magnetometry

Terrestrial and UAV high-resolution magnetics surveys, definition of productive intrusives, underground structures, application of filters to define different geological characteristics associated with mineralization. Detection of anthropogenic underground metallic structures.

High-resolution Gravimetrics

High resolution gravimetric surveys geolocated with dual frequency GPS equipment. Definition of post-mineral-cover thickness, interpretation of faults, and underground lithological contrast.


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