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Resource estimation and 3D modelling.

New point of sight and added value to your project.

Estimation and modelling with total geological sense.
In Geo Digital Imaging, we model your project agreed with the ore body type and mineralization style. With extensive reviews, correlation and application of various geostatistical parameters we build an estimation which will give you power of desicion before a reserve estimation.

Every deposit is unique, we in Geo Digital Imaging know that.  Because of that, every single case is studied very carefuly to apply the more precise parameters and criteria for the selected type and mineralization style.  Our processes start with a deep quailty control in the provided data (Data QA/QC) and a exploratory data analysis (EDA) so we can define, agreed with the ore body type, the method and modelling parameters and best estimation method.


Before delivering an estimation to the client, the final model and all involved operations are internally reviewed by all our consultants (structural, economic and geochemical) to ensure that your Organization can give continuity to its results, allowing you for best decision making.


Besides the final 3D models (which are delivered in your required format), we deliver a resources table, plan maps, sections and an interactive 3D model for use in free viewers as Leapfrog's Viewer, Geosoft's Target viewer or PDF 3D Acrobat Reader.



3D Models from drilling data

Using your Organization's DH sampling data, it is possible to model geochemical data, mineralization, lithological units, faults, alteration, Ox-Sulph domains, magnetic susceptibility, densities among many other data type.  The modelling process is made obeying the already interpreted data obtained by your Organization.  After delivery, the model is reviewed by our expert consultants to produce a model with total geological sense.





Volumetric 3D models from plan maps

Geological Volumetric Models. Do your Organization have geological maps which want to have as a 3D volumetric model?, we model your plan maps to delivery them to you as real 3D geological models, not just DEM drapped images.

Underground mines. A simple underground mine model can let you see from any perspective, giving you the opportunity to know work advance, direction errors, cut and fill estimation among others.

Final models can be delivered in any commercial 3D format, so you can use them in AutoCAD, ArcGIS, MapINFO, Geosoft Target, Minesight, Vulcan, Leapfrog, etc.

Do not have 3D mining software?, Do not worry, Geo Digital Imaging can transform any model to 3D dinamic PDF!, readable with free Adobe Reader.


Contact us to give you more information about our resource estimation and 3D modelling services.

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