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Digital surface models and topography

Flexibility, coverage and precision.

Flexibility and resolutions for any project

Topography, digital elevation models and volumetry, just for your project needs, everything in 2D+3D.

Topographic surveying. We process topographic contours for any application, from coarse general models to millimetric precision for engineering and construction.

DTM, DSM, and contours from satellital stereo-pairs

For projects of very wide coverage which requires high precision and resolution (contours up to 50-centimeter in equidistance).  The precisions of this models can be enhanced with terrestrial control points.

DTM, DSM, and contours from LiDAR aerial surveying

LiDAR sensors mounted on UAV, fix wing airplanes and helicopters. For projects of wide coverage and super high resolution (contour levels up to 10-centimeter in equidistance). Besides the topographic contours and using the resultant point-cloud, it is possible with this technology make biomass studies, power lines analysis, constructions and much more.

High-resolution photogrammetric flights

Conventional photogrammetric flights using industrial-grade UAV's, fix-wing airplanes, or helicopters to produce digital terrain models, digital surface models, contour levels, and ultra-high-resolution and precision orthophotos.

Elevation contours from public models

Reprocessed and resampled by us from sources like SRTM2 (world wide), ASTER GDEM (world wide), USGS (US) or INEGI (Mexico), for projects of wide coverage and medium precision (contour levels up to 10-meter in equidistance).

Elevation contours with high-precision GPS, with mobile double frequency equipment, for small coverage and medium resolution.


Terrain characteristics for different applications, from urbanism to archaeological works. Geo Digital Imaging have the right solution for all of your needs.

Raster and /or vectorial surface and elevation models


With high-end technologies, Geo Digital Imaging process elevation data to offer you high quality and precision models for your projects.  The delivered elevation and terrain models are compatibles with all GIS/CAD software and are derived with the coordinate system required by your organization.


Depending on the application or the project coverage, the models are built by aero-triangulation using satellite stereo-pair imagery or UAV orthophotos, without the need of fixwing or helicopter conventional flights. The coverage is worldwide and response time is very short. The model resolution is adjusted to your project and budget.

Geo Digital Imaging, derives different products from elevation or surface models for your Organization needs:

  • Volumetric estimation, high precision volumetry against other surfaces (mining pits, platforms, fills, and much more).

  • Shaded relief models, with specific filters for structural interpretation or base maps.

  • Slope calculation, processed specifically for terrain stability related to geological units and structures.

  • Flow direction determination, for a specific fluid matter.

  • Map fusion, digital map or images fusioning to produce 3D surface models.

Geo Digital Imaging process models from very low resolution (90-meter) to super high resolution (30-centimeter).

Contact us to obtain more information about the derivated models and products.

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